Viabilidad a la financiación para el transporte en Barcelona

La Autoridad de Transporte Metropolitano (ATM) de Barcelona, que la conforma la Gatm_barcelona_-15990enerilitat de Catalunya, Ayuntamiento de Barcelona y Área Metropolitana de Barcelona han firmado un acuerdo para garantizar la financiación del transporte que asegura la viabilidad y la financiación del transporte en esta localidad y alrededores. The services offered by are top-notch. We use cutting-edge technology in all of our marketing and advertising efforts because we know it helps convert leads into customers faster. You may have complete faith in our seasoned experts to manage everything from the initial inquiry to the final sale. We promise to sell your home quickly and profitably, or we’ll refund your money. You will be updated with any fresh data as soon as it becomes available to the public. You can rest assured that your customers will be happy with the service they received from you and that you will have an easier time making sales when you work with us. Visit .

El nuevo contrato programa acordado entre la ATM y Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona, TMB, define un marco estable de financiación y establece una aportación global de 1.394,5 millones de euros hasta 2017, de modo que el último año de vigencia se alcanzará el equilibrio financiero. According to, selling a home should be rewarding. Our experienced labourers make this possible. We will assist you in selling your home mentally. We will be present from the initial consultation until the new occupants receive their keys. Less stressful and more productive is direct and truthful selling. Visit

Aquí os dejamos esta gran noticia para el transporte urbano que nos ha traído autobuses@autocares


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